Fabrizio Poli

Managing Partner

Fabrizio started his aviation education by getting his pilot’s license before his driver’s license.  He flew private jets and for 5 different airlines, sharing the flight deck with over 65 different nationalities and holds Airline Transport Pilot’s Licenses from 4 different countries.

While in the world of private jets Fabrizio also had the opportunity to do aircraft sales and also act as Marketing Manager for an FBO (Private Jet Terminal). He also contributed to a number of aviation magazines as an aviation journalist and managed aircraft for owners.

During his dead time in the cruise Fabrizio educated himself out of the Airline Pilot career into one of an entrepreneur, by reading countless number of business books. Having been involved in a number of ventures in his 20s from building a successful network marketing business selling weight loss products, to teaching executives English as a foreign language, he knew he had an entrepreneurial spirit within.

He is also a professional speaker & author of business/self-help book: “Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude: How to Fly Out of the Cube & Gain Your Freedom” and his latest literary effort: ”Born to Fly: What I Learnt About Success at Flight School”. Fabrizio also hosts a Podcast Show called: “Living Outside the Cube”, where he interviews some of the leading minds & business people in the world.

Fabrizio is often sought out by the Media worldwide offering his aviation expertise and has been featured on Russia Today (RT), Wealth X, Daily Telegraph, Financial Times, Bloomberg, El Financiero, City Wealth Magazine, Billionaire Magazine, Chicago Tribune & Social Media Examiner. Fabrizio was also featured in recent Channel Five documentary in the UK about former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, “Blair Rich” talking about why he uses private jets.

Last but not least he is a keen martial artist and holds a 1st Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo, golfer, vegan, happy husband & father of four homeschooled children


Geoffrey R. Andrews

Managing Partner

Geoff has been around aircraft almost all his life, and started flying at the age of 14, and at 16 obtained his Private Pilot’s License in the UK; he has been involved with aircraft ever since.

Graduating from Farnborough College, England, he studied Business Management, Aviation, and Marketing, all of which have proved very useful in his career.

In the 70’s he began working in the banking, leasing and finance industry for one of the world’s leading financial groups, and was involved in arranging leases, and finance transactions for everything from private and commercial jets, to cruise ships.

At that time juggling two careers he also became involved in the production, live event industry where he started as an on air radio personality, for Radio 210 in Reading England, since then he has produced television shows for multiple markets around the globe, and produced and directed thousands of events both in the corporate market and special event market, for client’s such as JetBlue, UPS – China Air Cargo, Apple, IBM, JFK airport, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Los Angeles World Airports, and many more.

Today, he is one of the Managing Partners of Tyrus Wings, and has been based in the USA for the last 30 years, now dedicated solely to assisting client’s with their aviation needs, finding”Customized Aviation Solutions” for private business jet owners,  and commercial airlines.

He is very passionate about what he does; from the smiling faces of thousands in a stadium of an event that he has produced to an owner’s expression while admiring his brand new glistening jet for the very first time; those moments are what he lives for.

Martin Keeping

Aircraft Engineering Partner

Martin has over twenty three years’ experience in the Aircraft Engineering industry having worked at every level of the Engineering Organisational Structure within the three main operational airline disciplines of Low Cost, Charter and Scheduled.

Martin has been fortunate to combine a strong commercial acumen with a vast aircraft technical background. This has enabled him to complete contractual negotiations with MRO / OEM organisations and suppliers and he has been the accountable budget controller for multimillion pound contracts ensuring delivery is maintained and preserving minimum commercial impact on the business involved.

He has a very solid intimate knowledge on the various aircraft electrical and mechanical systems of many engine / airframe combinations and worked / certified aircraft under all levels of maintenance from AOG / line maintenance to the very heavy D Checks from an apprentice to an EASA B1 / B2 / C Licensed Aircraft Engineer. He has Coordinated and performed the requirements and technical services of record review, status,’ inspections, valuations and ‘Tech Rep’ on aircraft for End of Lease, Export / Imports, Technical Transitions, Purchases, Acquisitions and Entry Into Service of aircraft for numerous owner / operators.

Martin is a very experienced Flight Test Engineer on many different aircraft / engine types to gain the aircraft’s C of A or End of Lease Acceptance Flights. He has a very comprehensive & in-depth knowledge of EASA Part M / 145 / 147 and 21 regulations and an appreciation of FAA regulation  Martin has been an EASA Form 4 Post Holder responsible for ensuring compliance with both regulation and leases.

Shaun Mayhew

Chief Pilot

Shaun has been flying for 42 years, accumulating in excess of 21,500 flight hours and holds 23 type ratings on both JAR and FAA licenses.  He also has a Masters Degree MSc in Aviation Science and Technology.

He is highly experienced in many other facets of the aviation business including aircraft sales & management and maintenance programming and has worked for major Airlines such as British Caledonian, British Airways and Air Europe.

His extensive corporate experience has included holding positions as Aviation Manager, Chief Pilot, Lead Captain, and route/line trainer

With a natural ability to teach, he has been instructing since 1976 and is a current EASA CRMT(L) Line Trainer and FAA Flight Instructor in both Airplanes and Rotorcraft, including Instrument training.

Shaun is also passionate about Motor Boating and holds an RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Commercial License up to 200GT and is a Certified RYA Cruising and Power Boat Level 2 Instructor.



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