Lease Application & Procurement Agreement


Lease Conditions:

To: Tyrus Wings, it’s partners, and strategic partners herein referred to as the “Lessor/ Leasing Agency”.

I hereby agree to give Tyrus Wings the irrevocable right to act as our Lessor / Leasing Agency in regards to the aircraft listed in the lease application portion of this document.

DEFINITIONS AND INTERPRETATIONS: For the purpose of this Lease Application / Procurement Agreement, “Lessee” includes client and “Lessor / Leasing Agency” includes a Vendor or prospective seller. A lease shall be deemed to include the closing of a lease with transfer of funds to Lessor / Vendor pursuant to an agreement of lease. This agreement shall be read with all changes of gender or number required by the context.

SERVICES PROVIDED BY THE LESSOR / LEASING AGENCY: It is understood that the Lessor / Leasing Agency will provide any or all of the following services, and any other services, as agreed to between the Lessee and the Lessor / Leasing Agency:
  • To identify the needs of the Lessee
  • To assist the Lessee in negotiations for the lease of the aircraft described in the application part of this document
  • To provide said aircraft from an existing aircraft inventory of the Lessor /Leasing Agency or Vendor.

RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE LESSEE: In consideration of the Lessor / Leasing Agency undertaking to assist the Lessee, the Lessee agrees to:
  • Cooperate with the Lessor / Leasing Agency with respect to the Lessor / Leasing Agency providing all the services described above, as agreed to between the Lessee and the Lessor / Leasing Agency.
  • Work exclusively with the Lessor of the aircraft described in the application portion of this document.

ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION: This Application/ Procurement document and any agreements, notices or other communications contemplated thereby may be transmitted by means of electronic systems, in which case signatures shall be deemed to be original. The transmission of this agreement by me via electronic means shall be deemed to confirm I have retained a true copy of this agreement.

THIS APPLICATION/ PROCUREMENT AGREEMENT HAS BEEN READ AND FULLY UNDERSTOOD BY ME, AND I ACKNOWLEDGE THIS DATE HAVING RECEIVED A TRUE COPY. Any representation and warranties contained herein are true to the best of my knowledge, information, and belief.

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