John Travolta at NBAA 2014: Would you like a 650 Jet?

28 Oct John Travolta at NBAA 2014: Would you like a 650 Jet?

Would you like a 650 Jet?
Last week the Tyrus Wings team were at NBAA in Orlando where we saw bombardier launch their new Challenger 650. This is a bit confusing as Embraer have the Legacy 650, then we have the Cessna Citation 650 and Gulfstream have the G650. I am just wondering why these aircraft manufacturers couldn’t use a bit of creativity and come up with an original name…

Apart from the name, the Bombardier 650 is basically the next evolution of their already successful 12 passenger cabin, Challenger 605.  Actor & pilot John Travolta presented the new aircraft at NBAA in Orlando. It includes $1.5M worth of standard equipment and a lot of technology that has gone into the Global 6000, such as the Vision Flight Deck. It has 5% more takeoff thrust from enhanced GE CF34-3B MTO engines to improve shorter-field takeoff lengths. Launch price is $32.35M.
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