A Private Jet is a Time Machine

02 Jan A Private Jet is a Time Machine

Everytime I mention to people part of what my business Tyrus Wings does is sell aircraft, in particular private jets they think they are very expensive.

it is all about time. How much is your time worth? All High Networth & Ultra High Networth Individuals I have met a price on their time. This is a practice I have started doing and anyone can. When you say to yourself your time is worth $200 or $5000/hr you start looking at tasks in a different way. I used to mow the grass and then worked out how much it was costing me and hired someone to do it for me. If you are worth even $30/hr and it cost you $10 to have someone mow your grass you are still at +$20…

Going back to private jets, here are the top ten reasons people fly private jet:

1. Private jets contribute big to the economy. In the U.S., business aviation generates $150 billion in annual economic activity.

2. Business aviation employs 1.2 million Americans for manufacturing, sales, maintenance and repair, and as pilots, dispatchers and other support personnel.

3. It benefits businesses of all sizes in all 50 states, not just Fortune 500s. In fact, 97 percent of business aircraft are operated by a wide variety of organizations, including government agencies, charities, universities and small to medium-size businesses (85 percent), according to the NBAA. Only 22 percent of passengers are corporate executives, by the way. In Europe the scenario isn’t much different:

96% – proportion of city pairs served by business aviation in 2011 that had NO scheduled connection. The remaining

4% represent however more than 1/3 of business aviation traffic in volume.

Twice as fast as GDP – expected medium-term growth rate for business aviation demand at Paris-Le Bourget

70% – proportion of business aviation flights taking off and landing at airports handling fewer than 100 departures per day

66% – proportion of corporate decision makers regarding face-to-face meetings as critical to M&A success

Up to 25% of operator revenues are derived from multiple destination journeys

164,000 – persons employed in business aviation around Europe

€9bn – value of business aviation aircraft manufacturing

4. It’s good for taxpayers. Speaking of governments, a recent study found that the use of private business aircraft by local, state and national governments provides cost-efficient transportation that saves taxpayer dollars.

5. They help businesses stay competitive. Private jets increase productivity by maximizing time and energy that’s otherwise wasted on commercial air travel. The NBAA found companies using private jets enjoy 219 percent higher annual earnings growth than commercial fliers.

6. It’s a more convenient way to fly. You make your own schedule, including multiple destinations and round trips in a single day, so you can skip the complicated connections and the dreaded “red eye.” Your bags never get lost, and you can carry up to 75 times the luggage!

7. Private jets are more efficient, too. No more long security lines, delays, canceled flights or layovers. Instead of burning daylight on commuter legs to and from big hubs, travelers can rest, regroup and even conduct important business in the air. A study by Jet Advisors showed businesses can save an average of 7.5 hours per trip via a private jet.

8. Traveling by private jet is more cost-effective. Once you factor in commercial airfare and fees, rental cars, hotel bills, other traveling expenses and lost man hours for the year, business jets are a bargain.

9. You can fly to more destinations. Private jets can land at ten times the number of U.S. airports commercial airliners can – more than 5,000 versus only 500.

10. Its private! You won’t miss the crowded cabin, crying baby or the guy who crushes your laptop when he throws his seat back to take a nap.

The following video sums it all up:

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